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Lubricants for Construction

Heavy machinery is almost always used in construction. This machinery needs to run smoothly in muddy, dirty, and wet environments, which can lead to significant wear and corrosion. Proper lubrication is therefore essential to prevent downtime and increase reliability.
Usage of Eurol Specialty Grease Spray Product

Eurol Specialty Lubricants for Extreme Temperatures

For these extreme conditions in construction and contracting, Eurol offers various Specialty lubricants. For working in high or extremely low temperatures, such as in the asphalt industry or road construction, we provide Eurol Specialty lubricants that can withstand the most extreme temperatures from -50°C to 300°C.

For operations in vulnerable nature or on water, Eurol Specialty also offers environmentally friendly lubricants. All Eurol Specialty lubricants contain the unique SYNGIS Technology, which ensures lower maintenance costs and reduced energy consumption.

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