Market introduction in the food processing sector

Low maintenance costs and high food safety 

In the food industry, efficiency, safety, and sustainability are extremely important for successful production. A crucial aspect that contributes to these goals is the choice of high-quality cleaners and lubricants. Our NSF H1 certified products play a key role in the maintenance of machinery, where they not only ensure smooth operation but also guarantee the food safety required in food processing. The use of the right lubricants significantly extends the lifespan of machines in the food industry, pharmaceutical industry, agriculture, and hospitality sector. Moreover, maintenance costs are reduced, and food safety is better ensured.. 

Unique technology

The Eurol Specialty line is distinguished by the use of SYNGIS Technology, an innovative formula that elevates the performance of lubricants to a higher level. This technology combines advanced synthetic components with special additives, allowing our lubricants to offer exceptional protection against wear, corrosion, and oxidation. The result is a significant extension of machinery lifespan and a reduction in maintenance needs, contributing to more efficient and cost-effective production.


The specialist in food grade

Against this backdrop, we proudly offer our Specialty line of food-grade cleaners and lubricants. These products are specifically developed to meet the unique demands of the food industry. Many of our Specialty products are NSF H1 certified, meaning they are safe for incidental contact with food, an essential requirement for all products used in food production. This NSF H1 certification assures food producers and consumers of the safety and quality of our lubricants.


Lower ecological footprint

Additionally, the use of Eurol Specialty products contributes to sustainability goals. By increasing machine efficiency and reducing the need for frequent replacements or repairs, our lubricants help lower the ecological footprint of production processes. This aligns with the growing demand for more sustainable production methods within the industry.


Complete range

The use of Eurol Specialty products, including cleaners, hydraulic oil, gear oil, grease, and assembly paste, also results in less friction and better resistance to extreme temperatures and conditions. Therefore, they are ideal for use in the versatile and demanding environment of the food industry. From filling machines, baking ovens, spiral freezers, and conveyors to mixers and cutting machines, our food-grade products ensure optimal cleaning, lubrication, and protection of all lubrication points of critical components.


Challenge us!

Eurol invites you to discover more about the Eurol Specialty food-grade product line and the advantages of our SYNGIS Technology. In our case studies, you will see how our products contribute to an optimal production process and maintain the highest standards of food safety and efficiency. We welcome the challenge to find the right solution for your lubrication challenges. We are your partner in striving for excellence in the food industry, with products that ensure optimal performance and safety.

Case studies

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