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Next level racing line

For the best performance, you need the best materials. Eurol offers the Specialty racing line with groundbreaking properties in terms of wear protection and performance improvement. Our racing products are intended for professional use and have been successfully applied by leading international racing teams, including TOYOTA GAZOO Racing, Overdrive Racing, Comtoyou Racing, MKR Technology, and APP Racing.
Eurol Lubricants Specialty Racing Line

Dakar winning lubricants

The Eurol Specialty racing line consists of a 0W-40 engine oil, 10W-60 engine oil, 75W-90 transmission oil, 75W-140 transmission oil, ATF oil, brake fluid, and homokinetic grease, and is available in various packaging variants.

Our products have proven themselves in various rally, cross, and racing disciplines, including the TCR-Series, WTCR, NASCAR-series, tractor pulling, autocross, rally sport, and the Dakar Rally.

Concrete practical results

Curious about the performance of our racing line? Here we show some concrete results from practice.


Less wear, better performance

The products in the Eurol Specialty racing line contain our SYNGIS Technology. Thanks to this technology developed by Eurol, lubricating and protective properties reinforce each other to the maximum. The result is remarkable. The data from various racing teams show that Eurol Specialty racing products result in significantly lower operating temperatures, more power, and higher speeds compared to lubricants from other racing brands.

By reducing wear, in some cases by up to 80%, the life of equipment is extended. This is of great importance in an endurance race such as a 24-hour race or the Dakar Rally. Eurol Specialty racing products increase the chances of reaching the finish line without mechanical problems. An additional advantage is that parts last longer and thus costs are saved.

WTCR: 8% less wear, 39% lower temperature

François Verbist, Team Manager Comtoyou Racing: “We used the Eurol Specialty Racing line in Tom Coronel's Audi RS 3 in the WTCR races. We clearly saw a difference in the engine and gearbox data compared to other racing products; lower temperatures, less friction, and better performance. That's what we need!”


Dakar Rally: 6 stage wins, no significant wear

Glyn Hall, General Manager TOYOTA GAZOO Racing Dakar factory team: "During the 2021 Dakar Rally we used several Eurol Specialty Racing products. We saw no significant wear despite this being an extremely tough Dakar. That's really good news!"


Dakar Rally: 82% less wear, 42°C lower temperature

Mario Kress, CEO MKR Technology: “Gears were like new, wear was negligible, not even visible. Also, the oil was in very good condition after the entire Dakar Rally.”


Practical case studies

From heavy duty to racing

Since 2015, Eurol has used its expertise to develop the superior Eurol Specialty lubricants. Our goal? Offering the best lubrication solutions available, mainly aimed at heavy-duty sectors such as offshore, earthmoving, agriculture, and industry. In these demanding environments, our lubricants deliver improved performance and cost savings, while reducing wear - a proven success in practice.

The racing world and the heavy-duty sector share a common goal: optimal performance in the most extreme conditions. It is therefore no coincidence that we use the Dakar Rally, the toughest rally in the world, as the ultimate testing and development place for our products. With this valuable knowledge and experience, the Eurol Specialty Racing line has been created.

From Concept to Circuit: the making-of Eurol racing line

Do you want to gain more insight into the creation of the Eurol Specialty racing line? Then take a look behind the scenes with our making-of video. In this video, our engineers share the story behind product development and team managers from top racing teams share their experiences with the line.


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