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Lubricants for the agri-sector

Your agricultural business needs to remain operational and profitable. Therefore, your agricultural machines must be continuously deployable to achieve high productivity. In all seasons, under all circumstances. At Eurol, we know this better than anyone else. Our lubricants contribute to this. Eurol helps you to get better performance and longer service life from your equipment. By choosing the right lubricants, you can get more out of your machine; resulting in fewer maintenance hours, less downtime, longer oil change intervals, and higher productivity.
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Longer life, better performance

As a partner in lubricants, we aim for the best results and strive for optimal protection of your machines and vehicles, combined with efficient operations. Our line of high-quality lubricants, 'Eurol Specialty Lubricants' with SYNGIS Technology, is literally the result of this. In various practical cases, you can see how these products truly ensure a longer life and better performance of your machines and vehicles.

One Stop Shop: Oils, Greases, and Technical Fluids for Agriculture


With our one-stop-shop approach, we offer a wide range of products for the agricultural sector. From engine oils and hydraulic oils for tractors and agricultural vehicles to high-performance greases for specific applications on wheel bearings, hydraulic systems, or tie rods. Thanks to the broad application knowledge of our experts, we can provide you with expert advice and respond to specific needs and lubrication-related issues.

In short, by choosing the right combination of lubricants, we get more profit from your machines, and you get more profit from your business.

Practical case studies

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