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The Eurol Specialty racing range has been specially developed for rally and racing applications. Click on any circle for the racing product at the lubrication point. The advice may differ depending on the type of vehicle. For questions, please contact our Service Desk using the contact form below.

More about the Racing Line

Curious about the performance of our racing line? Watch our video with the most important results from practice here.


Frequently asked questions

Where has the Eurol Specialty racing line been tested?

The line has been carefully tested by our partners in a variety of racing and rally applications. These partners are leading international racing teams, including TOYOTA GAZOO Racing, Comtoyou Racing, MKR Technology, and APP Racing.

I am a racing/rally professional. Can I make an appointment?

Yes, please fill in the contact form and we will contact you as soon as possible. You can also contact your Eurol account manager.

Why was this range of products and viscosities chosen?

Our strategy is to provide a compact line with wide range and applicability. Our offerings and viscosities cover the vast majority of lubrication points on most racing and rally vehicles.

What special properties do the Eurol Specialty racing products provide?

The unique wear-reducing and friction-reducing properties of our SYNGIS Technology reduce damage and downtime during a rally or race. The components run smoothly, and in many cases higher speeds, higher oil pressure, and greater power are achieved. Parts have a longer life due to wear reduction.

What makes the Eurol Specialty racing line different from other racing brands?

The use of Eurol SYNGIS Technology. This technology was initially developed for the lubrication of heavy-duty equipment in earth-moving, industrial, mining, and dredging applications. Our technology is now applied and available in the racing world with this Eurol Specialty racing line.

SYNGIS Technology consists of a number of very specific additives which, when combined, have mutually reinforcing anti-wear and anti-corrosion properties. We call this the synergistic effect, which allows for unparalleled lubrication and protection.

Where can I buy Eurol Specialty racing products?

The Eurol Specialty racing line is available from Eurol and Eurol Specialty dealers as well as selected companies active in the rally and racing world. You can find our dealers via our dealer locator.

What guarantees can you give on the use of Eurol Specialty racing products?

Please see our warranty conditions for all the details. You can find them in the disclaimer.

Where can I get further information about the Eurol Specialty racing range?

Send your question via our contact form and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Why doesn't the racing line have any specifications or approvals?

In order to lubricate the components of racing and rally vehicles under very severe conditions, the usual automotive specifications and/or OEM approvals are inadequate.

Who is the Eurol Specialty racing line intended for?

The racing line is intended for car and truck racing applications. These include disciplines such as rally, autocross, rally cross, circuit racing, drifting, hill climb racing, and off-road rally. The products are not intended for use in motorcycles, karting, and regular street use.

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